Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coming out of Hibernation

Things have been a little slow on the Cura Orphanage blog in 2014, but I'm working on changing that! I head back to Cura this weekend, so please watch this space... and Facebook, too!

My bags are packed, filled with art supplies from a generous friend, and a whole box full of poetry books, thanks to the wonderful Mary Strickler, Balfour and Jane Muya. They worked with students in Cura and in the US to produce a lovely collection of poetry and images -- and each of our Cura Rotary Home kids will get a copy!

I'll be arriving on the heels of some other very generous visitors who delivered boxes and boxes of clothing and school supplies -- it's a wonder how they got them all through the airport!

Henry and the rest of the kids gratefully approve.

Thank you for watching this space for more photos and news over the next couple of weeks!

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