Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer Update

Paige, Savannah and Danielle are gearing up for the children to return from their holiday break... but they're working with those who stuck around and generally getting a feel for the place. For more regular updates from Cura (and the rest of their Kenyan adventures), please follow their electronic journals at: (Savannah & Paige) (Danielle)

Pen Pals, too, are eagerly awaiting the children's return for September classes -- missives from Cura are forthcoming, I promise!

Meanwhile, we're working over here to keep the One World Chorus and Construction for Change plans in motion, and we're developing plans for our Second Annual Safari Nights fundraising event in Los Angeles in early November. Do watch for more information as that gets closer, and for photos if you're unlucky enough not to be able to attend...

Wishing, as always, Cura wasn't so far away...