Friday, November 12, 2010

New Shoes and School Uniforms

On Oct 31st, two Cura supporters -- Roger and Larry -- joined Yassi in Cura for a very special visit. The children were thrilled with the lollipops they brought, but were even more grateful for the 26 brand new pairs of shoes and socks Roger brought with him from South Africa! Larry has made funds available to purchase pairs for the remaining 24 children, and has further offered to replace school uniforms for those who need them. The generosity of these visitors is humbling...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Malibu Days and Safari Nights

It was a busy weekend with the Creative Visions Foundation folks! The inspiring Friday afternoon meeting in Malibu led to connections with other Creative Activism Partners and some brainstorming about upcoming Dan-Eldon-inspired-safaris... Watch, of course, for more information about those, as they might provide YOUR opportunity to join us in Cura some day!

Of course, the primary purpose of the weekend was to support and attend Lucy Woodward's brainchild: the Safari Nights fundraiser. Contributors to the event are too many to list, but we owe particular thanks to Faryal and Henson Studios (who donated the venue), as well as Albertson's and Happy Endings (who contributed the food), Phillips Distilling (who donated vodka), and Regina Wedelstedt, the owner of A Savvy Soiree (who donated candy to satisfy guests' sweet teeth!). Of course, the musicians were the main attraction -- so whether or not you joined us at the event, please check out the party below...

Grace and Katey, of Creative Visions Foundation, ran the donations table in the yurt corner:

Kathy Eldon and Jon and Amy Turteltaub were among the luminous guests:

New and exciting artist, Jameson, was the first to perform:

Sultry Lucy Woodward and her spectacular band were up next:

Joe Sumner played his "dark songs for a good cause":

And Nikka Costa blew us all away!

The crowd of about 200 guests was entertained by the musicians and moved by the stories and photos of the children in Cura:

It wasn't lost on us that the venue was the same studio where "We Are the World" was recorded all those years ago... and we await the final tally for the night's fundraising. Stay tuned!

And catch more photos from the night's official photographer at:
Many, many thanks,