Sunday, September 19, 2010


I don't have photos to post at the moment, but a recent flurry of emails has reminded me how much even one visit to Cura has transformed volunteers who have been there. One visit is BOUND to turn into two, three, four...

I have already written about Nicole, a volunteer whose return to Cura this summer meant new mattresses and happy reconnections for the children.

More recently, Jordan has returned, efficiently managing the rabbit hutch plans and budget and construction. Everyone at Cura was sorry to see him go, but he's left the foundation (both literally AND figuratively) for a successful and economically sustainable agricultural project.

We know that Norman, our intrepid and impromptu cow-expert, intends to return after the first of the year, and Bonnie and her impressive team from Canada will also come back to Cura in February, for the first time since they collectively installed the Library and Computer Lab.

Jenny, too, is making plans to come back for round two of her photography project, documenting a "World without AIDS" with the children.

I, too, am eager to return, and have already blocked 2011's dates on the calendar. Anyone care to join us? Karibuni sana! Fair warning, though: if you go once, you'll be hooked!


Friday, September 3, 2010

A Registered Letter from Cura

Earlier this week, the postman knocked on my door, asking me to sign for a registered letter from Nairobi. After I'd explained my connection to Kenya to the very patient public servant on my doorstep, I opened the envelope... and was thrilled to find a lovely letter and series of drawings from one of the girls in Cura! Two of the contents of the envelope, in particular, are now on display together in my office:

This drawing from Esther's own experience of the world...

And this page from a donated coloring book!

Esther and her friends and family have likely never seen snow, let alone a snowmobile... and they certainly can't imagine owning one! Here's hoping 2010 will bring loads of donations of culture-specific books for the children in Cura---please contact me if you've got any ideas!