Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Many Hands...

Sometimes cliches get things right -- many hands really did make light work today!

Many thanks to my family and other willing volunteers for spending giving some of the last sunshine-y hours of their summer vacations for Cura's benefit. They turned 13 boxes of this:

Into about 40 boxes of much smaller, more manageable and OSHA-approved of textbooks and library books ready for transport and shipment...

and, in the process, created LOTS more space in my garage!

Many thanks to everyone who continues to contribute to this project that will supplement the resources available to Cura's teachers and the education offered to Cura's children.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you, Keeney's Office Supply!

Edmonds Community College provided the initial supply of boxes, as well as this wonderful connection to Keeney's Office Supply... who today delivered 50 more boxes for our repacking project before we get donated books shipped off to Cura!

Many thanks to owner, Lisa Keeney, as well as to employees Shannon and Justin (pictured above), who made the delivery happen!