Sunday, May 22, 2011

eNORMous Thanks!

Please forgive the silly pun in the title... I'm actually at a loss for how to meaningfully express the incredible humanitarian work our own Norman is doing for the children of Cura during his current visit.

He's effecting actual change on the ground by working to fill the rabbit hutch and upgrade some of the living quarters, and he's brightening the children's lives with a photography project that allows them to capture their unique views of their world.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Norman is bringing increasing numbers of people into the Cura family; his website for the cause just logged its 2000th hit, and the queries for sponsorship, volunteer-ism and in-kind donations have been keeping me busy every day.

Please check Norman's site yourselves at --
the images are stunning, and Norman's reflections on his visit are a moving tribute to the transformational power of giving of oneself.

Humbled and grateful,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So much to say!

Volunteer season is in full effect in Cura these days...

From the recent Rotarians at Work day:

To the return of Norman and his Kenya Spare a Camera project, to Joey's recent visit:

We are fortunate to have so many well-wishers who provide incredible experiences and opportunities for the children we care for!

We are also partnering with generous and committed organizations like

Construction for Change: a Seattle-based skills to our secondary school project

Burning Torch: an LA-based clothing line that is holding an online fundraising sale in its online boutique and donating 30% of its profits to Cura

Flying Kites: a New York-based non-profit that also runs an orphanage and school in Kenya and with whom we've been sharing ideas and challenges.

Thanks to all of you for making this work even more meaningful and productive!