Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Fundraising Success!

This year has seen substantial challenges for Cura, but our well-wishers and donors have responded more generously than ever before! We are awaiting final totals, but we're on track to have raised enough not only to boost the operating budget of the Home but also to seed additional projects that are central to Cura's sustainable future success: education, infrastructure, medical care, small business. We anticipate having at least $50,000 with which to move forward into 2012 and beyond, and we take our stewardship of donor contributions very seriously. Please watch this page for updates as we complete ongoing projects and vet new ones, and do send me an email if you'd like more detail than what I provide here:

For now, let me thank, once again, Karyn Craven and her team at Burning Torch, and Kathy and Amy Eldon and their team at Creative Visions for their breathtaking energy and generous spirit on behalf of the children at Cura. And thanks to all of YOU who have provided support in so many ways as this small project has changed the lives of so many.

It's been an incredible year.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fundraiser Follow Up

We are still calculating the totals from the two end-of-year fundraisers, but we do know that they were each an enormous success!

Wendy & Lisa, The Goods and Chubby Lovers put on a great show at November's Safari Nights, and the crowd at last week's Burning Torch event was lively and generous!

Check out photos of our Burning Torch event here...

And know that we're grateful and humbled by the holiday generosity everyone has shown the children at Cura!