Thursday, February 3, 2011

Considering a Safari this Summer?

I've not yet purchased my own ticket, but I plan to be in Kenya again from about 20 June until mid-July, and I'd love to escort Cura well-wishers to the village to see the incredible work that is done there throughout the year.

Because I'm a volunteer with Cura and not a travel specialist, I'm working with an amazing woman, Marcia Gordon, and I can recommend her efficient and professional safari company, Extraordinary Journeys ( for your travel arrangements. I hope you'll check out her website and contact her to discuss options for your own, custom-developed safari experience -- which will include your time with me in Cura, of course! I know she's working up some sample itineraries, and I would be happy to forward you a couple, just for a frame of reference, per your request.

June and July are beautiful times to be in Kenya, and if you book early, you may be able to take advantage of lower season rates. Please let me know if a safari to Cura might be in the cards for you this year, and thank you for your ongoing support of the children of Cura!