Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rotary and Braeburn Visit -- Cura on Saturday

Duncan, Christopher, Simon and John -- awaiting the day's activities.

Braeburn High School students arrive with gifts of blankets, sodas, food and more!
Rotary dignitaries, including founder Mrs. Mungai, conducting the day's presentation.

Watch this space for a link to Mike Eldon's write up about the day's events on the Nairobi Rotary website!

Cura this Week: Home





Cura this Week: Play

Glow stick bracelets before bed.

Turning the football pitch into a hair salon.

Planning dream vacations and field trips.



Cura this Week: Work

Delivering donations to the Clinic and preparing to create a budget proposal for 2014.

Meeting with Moses to review the Home's budget progress and make plans for building improvements for the balance of the year.

Pancake craftswomanship.

Peeling potatoes for githeri for lunch.

Sorting rice (bean and maize sorting not shown).

Friday, June 21, 2013


On the verge of my departure tomorrow, I received the outstanding news that Cura Secondary School has been awarded two exciting grants from the generous and energetic GO Campaign. In total, the grant awards amount to over US$21,000 and will furnish the high school's Library and Science Lab, building toward its goal to become a center for excellence in the region. I can't wait to land in Nairobi and start contributing to the incredible work that's already begun!

Watch this space for updates on these projects, as well as:

--the completion of the courtyard re-pavement project,
--the delivery of donated items for the Cura Clinic,
--an overhaul of the Cura Computer Lab,
--the purchase and donation of more textbooks for the Cura Primary School,
and MORE.

I'll head to the airport energized by the recent burst of sponsorship activity, as well, thanks to Norman's recent visit. His Kenya Spare a Camera project has inspired new donors, and their contributions have added to those from our recurring sponsors... resulting in 40 of our 50 children being sponsored so far this year.

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed time, money, and talent -- not to mention toothbrushes, anti-bacterial soap and bandages, among other things. My excess baggage is bursting with your generosity.

Off I go.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Best Culture Clash Ever

Yes, it's been done before (First World Problems Read by Third World People), but not better or cuter. I've watched this 10 times today already. You'll probably get addicted, too.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Our girls, dancing in church today.